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DISH Network makes TV watching healthy by launching Veria TV

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on October 15, 2007

DISH Network wants to make you a low-carb organic couch potato with a new wellness channel called Veria TV. On October 3rd, Dish Network launched Veria TV which calls itself the new natural wellness channel. Veria TV is intended to be the channel to showcase the natural wellness lifestyle based on the growing number of Americans who have expressed interest to living more naturally and maintaining healthy, vital lives. Veria TV is on DISH Network channel 9575 and will have a 24-hour a day programming line-up. Veria TV will be added to Dish Network’s Americas Top 250 package at no additional charge or can be ordered separately for $2.99 per month. Dish Network is also allowing all 13 million subscribers to preview the channel for free in October on DISH's Preview Showroom channel 281. DISH Network customers who subscribe to Veria TV will enjoy a huge line-up of quality-lifestyle original programming in high-definition featuring entertainment shows about food and nutrition, travel, exercise, alternative medicine and holistic health. Below are some of the shows that will make up Veria TV’s programming line-up. Backyard Boomers Backyard Boomers takes viewers on a weekly exploration of the latest techniques for making their lives and environment healthy and happy. Bedside Manor Dr. Howard Goldberg and Dr. Keith DeOrio debate the best approaches to common medical issues from their differing points of view Everybody Nose Noelle Katai delves into the fascinating world of essential oils and aromatherapy. Feng Shui Living Feng Shui Living will introduce viewers to new ideas through entertaining make-over demonstrations and explorations of some of America’s great buildings. Naturally Delicious hosted by Ann Gentry Naturally Delicious shows that meatless meals can heal the body and be irresistibly Pilates: From the Inside Out Host Karon Karter helps transform bodies, and lives, by breaking down the Pilates method into fun, easy-to-follow instruction. Simply Beautiful Roni Proter explores the world of natural beauty and fashion, focusing on the healthy and natural alternatives. The Art of Living Gallery The Art of Living Gallery explores the visually compelling and fascinating healing effects stimulated by the creative process of both art and music. The Genesis of Healing Host Alastair Greener takes us on a journey into past, and as we delve into the genesis and early development of ancient schools of medicine. The Incurables Despite all of the options of modern medicine, there are many medical conditions that perplex even the best conventional doctors. The Sweet Truth The Sweet Truth takes you on a fun, light-hearted path to making healthy versions of everybody’s favorite temptations. Under The Sun Adventurer Nathan Leroy goes on an international adventure in search of the best in organic farms, orchards and processing facilities. What A Relief! With flair, warmth and charm, master herbalist Amanda McQuade Crawford shows us how to grow, harvest, dry, make and apply herbal treatments safely at home. What Happens Next Ever wondered what goes on inside the body after you do certain things? Dr. Keller Wortham hosts What Happens Next, which explores how the human body works. What's The Alternative? With something for everyone, What’s the Alternative? explores ancient, emerging, and cutting-edge ways to boost physical, mental and emotional health… naturally. Wise Up! Host Andrea Beaman hits the road exploring holistic approaches to health in cities across the U.S. Yoga For Life Finally, there’s an honest to goodness, no frills yoga show for Americans who want to transform their lives.