Dish Network offers Top-Ranked Basic Networks

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on October 30, 2007

Recent polls show that among adults ages 18 and older the top-ranked digital basic networks are comprised of the National Geographic channel coming in at first place followed by Lifetime Movie Network, Fox Movie Channel, BBC America, Biography Channel, Discovery Health Channel, DIY: Do-It-Yourself Network,  the Science Channel, ESPNEWS Network, and ESPN Classic followed by the History International Channel.  Each of these 11 channels was among the top five favorite basic network channels and not surprisingly all are offered by Dish Network.  Recent speculation suggests that in the near future Dish Network will be adding most if not all of these channels to their high quality, high definition lineup.  Already Dish Network features the National Geographic Channel and the History International channel in HD and hopes to add the other 9 in Hi-definition sometime early 2008.  Currently these popular channels are featuring a variety of popular shoes including The Dog Whisper and Mystery Diagnosis.  For more information on what each channel has to offer please refer to the guide below.
  • National Geographic features popular shows like Explorer and Dog Whisper.  On Explorer, viewers are given the rare opportunity to watch as National Geographic explores modern and ancient cultures throughout the world uncovering unforgettable adventures and extraordinary stories along the way.  Cesar Millan, of Dog Whisper is a dog behavior expert who speaks with his canine pals and offers a “tough love” program that will change a hyper dog into a loveable family companion.
  • Lifetime Movie Network runs “True Movie Thursdays” every week and features unbelievable real life stories about loss and triumph, inspiring viewers of all ages.
  • The Fox Movie Channel offers original series like Life after Film School and “Saturday Night Triple Play which features all of your favorite movies in triple play; uncut and commercial free, the way a movie should be watched.
  • BBC America features “Supernatural Saturdays” with hit shows like Torchwood and Doctor Who?
  • Biography Channel entices viewers with our favorite celebrity reality shows like Hogan Knows Best, The Simple Life and Gene Simons Family Jewels.
  • Discovery Health captures viewers with shows like Jon and Kate plus 8 and Mystery Diagnosis.  Jon and Kate plus 8 is the story of parents Jon and Kate and their twin daughters and sextuplets.  It’s a front row seat into their daily bliss.  Mystery Diagnosis is a show that allows viewers to get involved with the final diagnosis, guessing throughout the show what the mystery illness is.
  • DIY: Do-It-Yourself Network was created by the makers of HGTV and the Food Network.  It is the best source for “know-how and how-to” when it comes to any do-it0yourself project ranging from Thanksgiving dinner to crafts and decorations.
  • The Science Channel features viewer favorites like Mars Rising, How Its Made and Brainman Q & A.  Mars Rising is a front row look at the deadly manned mission to Mars and scientists findings.  How Its Made explores how everyday objects are manufactured while Brainman Q & A  challenges genius ---- to answer your questions.
  • ESPNEWS Network and ESPN Classic both feature all the news and history you could possibly want on your favorite sports teams and players.
  • History International  takes viewers on the ultimate adventure while enjoying the comfort of their own home.  The Naked Archaeologist is shot on location in Egypt, Isreal, and Greece and various other countries around the globe allowing us to experience history and culture through others eyes and to find more out about the world we live in.

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