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Dish Network offers viewers a whole new way to interact with TV

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on November 20, 2007

Question: Do you find yourself watching the pregame, the game itself, and then chasing your sports passion with a tall glass of re-cap, to only then tune into the 11:00 news to watch the highlights…of the same game? Question: Were you one of the thousands of unfortunate parents that broke the bank trying to buy your child tickets to a Hannah Montana concert? Have you watched High School Musical so many times that you yourself should probably have an “I love Troy” shirt? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then let me tell you all about the 2 new Interactive channels Dish Network will be releasing. Recently the popular satellite TV provider Dish Network boasted about new plans to add Interactive ESPN and Disney Ineractive to its growing channel lineup. Available to all of Dish Networks interactive platform, ESPN’s Interactive Zone will allow viewers play-by-play, minute-by-minute news and scores on all major games being played at the collegiate or professional level. It will also allow the 16 and unders in your household to receive show information from a sub-menu and interact with show related content, along with allowing viewers to program their DVRs for the network’s featured content. So grab a soda and some popcorn and invite the neighborhood over because Dish Network invites you to interact.