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DISH Network Premieres Interactive Television Experience for New History Series BATTLES BC

by Andrew

Posted on March 11, 2009

DISH Network iTV Platform Launches HISTORY Interactive Which Provides Viewers With Interactivity 24/7; Content-Synchronized Quizzes, Games & Photo Gallery to Test Audiences' Knowledge of Historical Events DISH Network announced the launch of HISTORY Interactive, an enhanced 24/7 interactive television (iTV) experience. Produced exclusively by DISH Network and developed by HISTORY and Ensequence, HISTORY Interactive offers a range of features including history factoids, daily questions related to HISTORY's programming content, and the ability to set DVR timers and recorders for upcoming HISTORY shows. With help from Ensequence, the interactive experience will also be integrated into HISTORY's new TV series BATTLES BC, which premieres on Monday, March 9 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. DISH Network subscribers must have an OpenTV-enabled receiver to use the iTV application. BATTLES BC uses a stunning graphic style comparable to "300," the hit feature film, to show leaders from the ancient world in some of the greatest conflicts in history. The series brings to life the strategies, tactics and weapons used by commanders such as Hannibal, Moses, Alexander and David, and also exposes the truths and myths behind the ancient world of epic heroes and villains. DISH Network and HISTORY, along with Ensequence, partnered to create interactive experiences for the new BATTLES BC program. Throughout each episode, viewers' knowledge of the battle strategies that shaped ancient history will be tested. Using a DISH Network remote control, HISTORY viewers will be able to access information, review the biographies and credentials of on-camera historical experts, and view a gallery of images highlighting the production aspects of the program series. In addition, a game synchronized to the content of each episode allows viewers to play along -- testing their knowledge of strategic choices made during history's greatest battles. "DISH Network continues to enhance its iTV platform, and the addition of HISTORY Interactive and BATTLES BC will provide new and engaging experiences for our subscribers," said Michael Kelly, executive vice president for DISH Network. "As interactive television applications and sponsorship opportunities merge, we will also find new ways to deliver more targeted results for our clients." Order Dish Network and get into the action with Dish’s best deal ever. Now when you order DISH Network you’ll get 6 months of programming for $9.99/mo. Order today at 866-989-3474 or visit Dish Systems to order online.