DISH Network vs Cable

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on August 20, 2010

Only way to get a good deal with cable is to bundle your services. This would be great if having a $30 or higher home phone line that you barely use was something of interest anymore. With the changing trends in technology home phones are becoming more and more obsolete. And paying $30 buck a month for something you don’t use a lot doesn’t make a whole lot of sense anymore. Take some time to consider your options before you sign up for an expensive package you don’t need. Price - Dish Network vs Cable When you compare DISH Network to your local cable provider, you will discover that DISH Network cost less, has better picture quality, has more program choices, and has better customer satisfaction. DISH Network TV has the lowest all-digital price in America with packages starting at $24.99 per month. DISH Network offers free cutting-edge equipment and free installation in up to four rooms. Cable TV prices across the country average can soar well over $60 per month. Average installation for one room is $39.95, plus $9.95 for each additional room. Ask questions about hidden fees before you commit to anything. Programming - DISH Network Versus Cable DISH Network offers over 500 channels and more than 200 HDTV (high definition TV) programming. All DISH Network channels are broadcast in digital format for the highest quality picture and sound. Many channels are broadcasted in Dolby 5.1. Cable TV in most areas offer around 120 HD Channels and 200 regular channels for higher price than Dish Network. Equipment - DISH Network Versus Cable With DISH Network you will receive up to 3 cutting-edge satellite receivers for free which can connect up to 6 rooms. DISH Network provides DVR and HD DVR receivers free with many promotions. DISH Network also provides dual-tuner receivers that allow independent viewing in two rooms with one receiver. With cable you need converter boxes that connect the incoming cable line to your televisions. There is usually a monthly charge or rental fee for cable boxes. Some monthly fees can get up to $15.99 for a digital video recorder or an HD converter box. Customer Satisfaction - DISH Network Versus Cable DISH Network outages average less than 1%. J.D. Power and Associates has ranked DISH Network higher in customer satisfaction than any of the cable TV companies for the last five years. DISH Network owns and operates 7 customer call centers in the U.S. Cable TV outages average 3% to 5% per year. J.D. Powers and Associates ranks cable companies as good to poor in customer satisfaction. Interactive Features - DISH Network Versus Cable DISH Network offers an in-picture electronic program guide. Also Pay Per View, DVR functionality - including the ability to record programs, rewind, fast forward and pause during viewing. Cable offers an electronic program guide, video on demand, and subscription services on demand in most areas for extra fees. If you’re looking for more programming at a lower cost then there’s really only one choice. To find out more about Dish Network’s programming packages and pricing call 866.9889.3474 or visit Dish Systems online today.