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Dish Network’s DishCOMM Connectivity

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on November 5, 2007

Dish Network models ViP622 DVR & ViP722 DVR receivers use DishCOMM technology to communicate with each other using the power lines in the home via HomePlug. By using HomePlug, you only need one Dish Network receiver connected to a phone line and the other receivers will be able to dial out through the receiver connected to the phone line. Two connectivity options include: 1. Plug the receiver directly into the wall – The receiver needs to be directly connected into the wall power –but not a GFI or switched outlet. 2. If using a surge protector, plug the receiver into the HomePlug port of a HomePlug-compatible, surge-protected power strip – Do not use a Panamax power strip. A Panamax power strip does not have the HomePlug outlet needed, so it will not transmit the data through the power lines.