Dish Networks DishDVR Advantage to include AT100

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on August 14, 2007

Dish Netowrks DishDVR Advantage to include AT100 programming! Starting tomorrow, August 15, 2007, Dish Network has announced that qualifying customers who prefer fewer channels than those in AT200 will also have the opportunity to benefit from Dish Network's DishDVR Advantage’s special discount pricing. Starting August 15, 2007, Dish Network Retailers may offer customers DishDVR Advantage with AT100, locals and a DVR receiver upgrade together for $39.99/mo. in one convenient package. The Dish Network DishDVR Advantage package deal is a savings of $0.98 a month if a customer were to have purchased the components separately. With DishDVR Advantage, customers are also eligible to receive HBO and CineMax Free for 3 months and Dish Networks 30 Channel DishHD Package free for 6 months. Dish Network also has a great deal with their AT250 Bonus Pak and DishDVR Advantage. Customers can add the AT250 Bonus Pak for an additional $10.00 a month if they subscribe to AT200 with DishDVR Advantage. To Order Dish Network, visit Technorati tags: Dish, Dish Network, Satellite TV, DVR, DishHD, HDTV, Cable,