Dish Network’s Public Interest Channel Package

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on October 17, 2007

On February 23, 2006 Dish Network answered their customers request and assembled a package of 20 Public Interest Channels that are available for free! The Public Interest Channel Package isn’t automatically added, but, if a Dish Subscriber wishes to receive the programming package, they just need to ask their Customer Service Representative to add it on to their other DISH Network programming.   As far as what Dish Network Satellite Antenna is needed to receive the Dish Network’s Public Interest Channel Package, a subscriber will need a 2nd antenna pointed either the 61.5° and 148° orbital locations. This is due to the fact that 5 of the 20 channels are transmitted from the61.5° and 148° orbital locations. Since the Public Interest Channel Package is free, a customer who wants those channels broadcast from the 61.5° and 148° orbital locations will need to add/upgrade their antenna at their own expense.   DishFAMILY subscribers have been excluded from select Public Interest Channel programming due to potentially offensive or mature content. DishFAMILY customers may request this a la carte package of all Public Interest Channels with the understanding that it is at their own discretion.  

Public Interest Channels – Free A La Carte Package

Channel Call Letters DISH Network Channel Satellite
BYUTV BYUTV 9403 110°
CoLours TV COLRS 9407 110°
Free Speech TV FSTV 9415 110°
HITN HITN 9401 110°
Linkmedia LINK 9410 110°
Research TV RSRCH 9400 110°
Documentary Channel DOC  197 110°
University of Washington UWTV 9404 110°
C-SPAN CSPAN 210 119°
EWTN EWTN  261 119°
NASA NASA  213 119°
Northern Arizona University NAUHS 9411 119°
RFD-TV RFDTV 9409 119°
TBN TBN  260 119°
University of California UCTV 9412 119°
Classic Arts Showcase ARTS 9406 61.5°/148°
Florida Education Channel FEC 9418 61.5°/148°
Good Samaritan Network GSN 9416 61.5°/148°
Holistic Television Network HTVN 9417 61.5°/148°
Pentagon PNTGN 9405 61.5°/148°