Dish Networks Record Link Feature

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on May 23, 2007

Dish Network receivers have a new timer feature, called Record Link, is being added to many DISH Network receivers. This timer option, shown as “EXT”, sends data to compatible devices using the video signals, eliminating the need for IR blasters or emitters. The data included in the video signal can be additional programming information or control commands for setting up recordings. Overview of Record Link Record Link uses information included in the programming content sent from the satellite, which can then be sent from the receiver via the analog video connections to the PocketDISH, which can be controlled with the EXT timer type.This data contains the name of the event, the program description, and other information about programs. Record Link allows the timer information to be sent from the DISH Network receiver to compatible devices, allowing them to begin recording on their hard drive. The PocketDISH can use the information to initiate recording using its analog audio/video inputs.After the show has been recorded to the PocketDISH’s hard drive, the recorded event will contain program information, such as the name and channel. This timer information is sent to the PocketDISH by either the RCA-type video connection or the S-video connection. How to Use EXT Timers To use Record Link with the PocketDISH AV500E or AV700E as an external recording device: Connect the PocketDISH docking station to a Record Link-enabled receiver using the RCA or S-Video cable with the RCA audio cables. The PocketDISH docking station must be connected to power. On the 322, 411, and ViP211, Record Link must be enabled by going to MENU, 6, 1, 7 (VCR Setup). Select EXT Setup and select the Enable option. On the 522, 625, 942, and ViP622 DVR, enable Record Link by going to MENU, 8, 6 (Record Plus). Select EXT Setup and select the Enable option. EXT Setup Screen:. Other receivers supporting Record Link automatically display the timer option in the Create Timer menu. Choose a future event you would like to record to your PocketDISH’s hard drive. Select the Auto/Ext or EXT timer option in the Create Timer menus. The EXT timer will automatically tune the receiver to the pre-selected channel, and command the PocketDISH to start and stop recording at the pre-selected times. The PocketDISH must be connected to the receiver when the timer fires and during the event to record the event. Dish Network Receivers That Support RECORD LINK: • Model 4900 • DISH 111 • DISH 301 • DISH 311 • DISH 322 • DISH 351 • DISH 411 • DISH Player-DVR 522 • DISH Player-DVR 625 • DISH 811 •DISH Player-DVR 921 • DISH Player-DVR 942 • ViP211™ • ViP622 DVR™ • Future receivers when enabled by a software upgrade Dish Network Provides Great "How-To" Documents on the customer Tech Portal Please visit the DISH Network Customer Tech Portal