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DISH Unveils Plan for Extra HD Storage

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on August 10, 2007

From the SKYREPORT visit: Next week EchoStar will unleash new external hard drives that enable DISH Network subscribers to store more high-definition content than ever before. With the advent of new USB hard drives, the company is downloading software upgrades do its ViP 622 HD DVR that will enable the USB connection. According to reports, the move is coming Wednesday, Aug. 15. DISH Network said without the external hard drive, its ViP 622 box can house up to 35 hours of HD content. With the added storage, EchoStar said that number skyrockets upwards. reported the USB hard drives must be purchased separately, but with the ViP 622 and a new ViP 722 model, the upgrade will be free to new subscribers. USB hard drives can be purchased for less than $200, and DISH's HD DVRs are compatible with USB external drives up to 750 GB, the site said. EchoStar charges existing customers up to $199 to lease the ViP 622 and $349 for the ViP 722. The company said the 722, without the external hard drive, can hold up to 55 hours of HD programming. EchoStar also charges DISH subs a one-time fee of $39.99 to enable the USB add-on service.