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Don’t Miss The Season Finale Of ‘The Biggest Loser: Season 13’ Tonight At 8pm On NBC

by Andrew

Posted on May 1, 2012

biggest loserIt all leads up to this, the winner will finally be revealed and we will find out how much weight they have lost. It is once again that time to crown another Biggest Loser… Winner. NBC wraps up its 13th season tonight with an exciting live finale. Still unsure as to which person will take home the prize money, there are a few contenders that will be fighting against all odds to win. Now that we are in the month of May, season finales are hitting the calendar but the floodgates are yet to be opened all the way. Here is a recap on the previous episode. The final contestants Conda, Jeremy and Kim were all stunned when the 14 previously eliminated contestants walked in to the gym. Everyone was there except for the contestants that quit the game; they were no longer allowed to return. Allison Sweeney announces that there will be a contest to determine the third spot in the finale. The contest will require each contestant to weigh in, in reverse order of their elimination. Since Jeremy had already weighed in that evening he is first and since he has first weighed in he has lost 150 pounds, or 38. 96% of his body weight. They continue on each weighing in determining how much each person has lost since they left the show. The top eight who have lost the most weight will remain in the game. That means with each successive weigh-in, someone will be safe, and someone will fall below the red line. The next challenge is a 100-yard dash. Cassandra comes in first, followed by Lauren and Megan and Jeremy. Kimmy and Emily are eliminated at this point. The next phase is a puzzle and it will be more complicated than the previous two challenges. They will have to match a list of food with their calorie count, and if they get the puzzle wrong they must start again from the beginning. It is a battle but ultimately Jeremy, Lauren and Mike pull out this challenge and advance on to the next challenge of endurance. This will require the final three contestants to each stand on a post, with their hands holding a ticket to the finale. After two hours and 20 minutes the contestants are required to move to one hand and one foot. All that time and energy spent makes Lauren feel nauseous and she falls to her mat. Finally after Mike put his foot down, Jeremy comes out victorious and has earned his spot in the finale. So tonight in the finale we will get to find out who is the winner of season 13 of ‘The Biggest Loser’. Tune into NBC tonight starting at 8pm to see who takes home the $250,000 prize! To learn more about adding NBC to your satellite TV programming package, visit us at DISH-Systems or call (888)566-3979. Will you tune in to the season finale tonight?