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Don’t Miss The Series Finale Of ‘Chuck’ Tonight At 8 PM On NBC

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on January 27, 2012

 ‘Chuck’ may not have always had the best ratings but they more than made up for that with their loyalty of their fans. They were often threatened with the possibility of not returning for another season; But they kept on filming and fans kept on watching, because they made it to five seasons. Unfortunately for fans the end has come. Announced last summer, the fifth season of “Chuck” is officially the last season and tonight is the night of the series finale. “One thing that made ‘Chuck’ different is that the cast and crew opened their arms to the ‘Chuck’ fans,” said fan Gray Jones. Jones was such a fan of the show, he has hosted a ‘Chuck’ podcast for several years and done over 120 interviews he has done with the cast and crew. For those of you that don’t know ‘Chuck’ is an action-comedy/spy-drama program created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. Zachary Levi plays an average computer genius next door named “Chuck”. The story is based around an email that inadvertently embeds the message into his brain. The twist is the message is the only remaining copy of The United States greatest spy secrets. The series has been followed by mediocre ratings but have been saved many times due to the successful campaigns waged by their very loyal followers, toward NBC. For the fans that will truly miss the show, you are in for a treat tonight, Zachary Levi says that the finale will honor the action packed roots that it came from. You will witness many throwbacks to the beginning of the series. Catch the two-hour series finale tonight on NBC at 8 p.m. To learn more about your satellite TV programming package, visit us at or call (866)989-3474.