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DuoDVR Receiver Tips and Features – Record, Play, Pause in Two Rooms

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on April 11, 2011

DuoDVR Features and TipsHaving a DVR receiver connected to your satellite television service is hardly a luxury these days and instead a necessity for some, allowing people with busy lives to watch their favorite shows at their own convenience. Digital video recording (DVR) system technology has come a long way over the years, even allowing viewers to take their 'TV Everywhere' on smart phones, laptops and tablets with the introduction of the DISH Slingloaded DVR Receiver. One of the more common DVR receivers is the DuoDVR™ ViP 722 systems which allows subscribers to schedule recordings on DVRs in two separate rooms simultaneously. One of the key features is being able to pause a recording in one room and pick up right where you left off in a different room. (Read more: DISH Network Slingloaded DVR Receiver) With the DuoDVR™ ViP 722 Receiver, viewers can record up to 350 hours of programming and use the USB portal to connect a DVR to an external hard drive, allowing the user to record additional entertainment from movies to sports and other programming on television. Be sure to check out the YouTube video below for even more DuoDVR features and tips - plus learn how it can save you money just by upgrading your DVR system. If you have questions about your current DVR receiver or are planning for an upgrade, visit authorized DISH Network retailer, DISH Systems, online for the latest DISH Network deals or call 866-989-3474.