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DVR Overload, Dish Programming Recap from my Living Room Floor

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on October 15, 2010

Let me paint the picture for you; every Monday night I flip through the channels over and over and over again and without fail turn to my DVR list and catch up with Oprah. There is nothing that captivates me on Monday night television. Now Tuesday night is a different story. I feel anxious. I keep looking at the clock and reinforcing to the small humans that live with me (my children) that they “WILL be in bed with lights out by 8:00.”  Lunches are already made, backpacks are packed, I’ve already showered and I’m sitting on my family room floor with a pile of clean laundry to fold while I DVR Glee and the DWTS results show and watch Biggest Loser. However, my Tuesday night television woes did not end there for me this past Tuesday. At 10:00, MTV’s reality show Teen Mom is on and I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I am completely sucked in to each character’s story line. See there is my problem. I have developed an imaginary relationship with these characters. On DWTS there is Jennifer Grey and her perfect 10’s and the nostalgic feeling of “Baby” and “Johnny” that I get every time I watch her dance, and Glee Tuesday night was wonderful. An entire hour of Glee duets featuring a Judy Garland song and the one and only Babs! Oh yes, Kurt and Rachel “Happy Days Are Here Again”. And then there is The Biggest Loser, I want to see these people succeed. Their stories are so heartbreaking and they truly want to be healthier for themselves and their families.  Now Teen Mom is my very own guilty pleasure and it was the season finale. I have already made the promise to myself that I will not get sucked in for another season, but because I’m not a quitter I felt I should tune in to see the final episode. I’m sure you can see where my anxiety starts to come into play. Thank goodness for my Dish Network DVR. I would love to tell you that’s where Tuesday night’s TV recap ends for me but I have to admit the rescue of the miners in Chile was a historical event in my mind and it was in HD!  I felt I had to tune in otherwise I would be missing out on a huge moment in history. Lucky for me, the rescue was a long and slow process so I was able to click back and forth during commercials but the bottom line is my Dish Network DVR earned its keep Tuesday night and has given me endless hours of entertainment for this upcoming week while once again I will fold laundry on my living room floor. Call 866-989-3474 to get Dish DVR from Dish Systems, authorized Dish Network retailer, in your home.