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Easy Game Search with DISH Network

by Andrew

Posted on December 4, 2008

You ever want to find out when and what channel a certain game is going to be on? And searching through all your sports channels and times can be a pain. Especially if you’re looking for a game days in advance. I know there are search functions on your remote to look up different sports categories on certain days but that takes a bit of effort as well. So what’s the easy solution to this problem you ask? On the DISH Network site you can put in your zipcode and city/state of the team you want watch and the next couple games pop right up. So say you want to watch the Bama-Florida game this weekend but don’t know what time, channel, or even if it’s blacked out or not. You type in your zip then type Alabama and presto: College Football: Scheduled: Alabama vs. Florida. 8001: LOS ANGELES CBS-KCBS12/6/2008 4:00 PM College Football: Scheduled: Alabama vs. Florida. (HD) 6307: LOS ANGELES CBS-KCBS HD12/6/2008 4:00 PM Look what pops right up. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to watch your favorite team play then finding out it’s one of blackout games. This is the easiest way to find out that it’s on TV, the time it's on (careful though – it’s eastern time) and the channel. Plus you can do this from anywhere. So say you’re at work and your team is playing tonight and you know what time but you don’t know if it’s going to be on TV or not. Well now you do by following this link FIND MY GAME. Well there you go DISH fans, enjoy your new toy and enjoy your games. If you don’t have DISH Network and want to play along too here is a number for you 866.989.3474 or order online at Dish Systems