Election News on DISH Network

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on October 31, 2008

Through November 7th, DISH Network has added six 24-hour news channels to our interactive TV application (iTV) mosaic feature on channel 100. These six channels will simultaneously air 24- hours a day during the 2008 election timeframe. The following six networks will be shown on channel 100 (regular channel numbers for each news channel are shown in parentheses): • CNN (channel 200) • CNN Headline News (channel 202) • MSNBC (channel 209) • FOX News Channel (channel 205) • CSPAN (channel 210) • CSPN2 (channel 212) “DISH Decision 2008” – In addition to our multiple news channel offerings, since May, we’ve offered DISH Network subscribers’ access to “DISH Decision 2008” which also provides news and information about the Presidential candidates, as well as state-by-state news, information and polling about Congressional and Gubernatorial candidates. DISH Network subscribers can enter the interactive application by accessing channel 100 or pressing the “DISH” button on their remote control and selecting “DISH Decision 2008.” The featured “DISH Decision 2008” interactive services include: • “For President “which lists information about the presidential candidates and their stances on important national issues. • “My Elections” which offers localized information about Congressional and Gubernatorial campaigns in states where there are races. • “The Issues” which lists up to 20 national issues and allows subscribers to learn more about each side of the topic. • “News” which displays up-to-the-minute national stories from MSNBC • “You Decide 2008” which allows subscribers to answer questions about hot-topic campaign issues and matches the subscribers’ answers with the candidates who most align with their answers. • “Polls” which delivers stories about recent polls state-by-state, reported by Rasmussen Reports, as well as the latest Presidential, House and Senate races. DISH Network iTV applications on channel 100 – DISH Network offers the most comprehensive interactive TV service in the U.S., with more than 13 million iTV households and an interactive menu that includes a variety of virtual and enhanced channels. Check out the DISH Decision ’08 channel on DISH Network. If you currently don’t have DISH Network you can easily make the switch at Dish Systems or just call 866-989-3474.