Memorial Weekend Movie And TV Marathons

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on May 25, 2012

This weekend in honor of Memorial Day we will spend a 4 day weekend relaxing and hanging out with Friends and Family. There is also great programming on TV this weekend. When it comes to holiday weekends, many channels will be running weekend marathons, presenting the general public a chance to recapture the moments they love on some of their most popular programs. Here are a few of the best marathons that will be premiering this weekend. Make sure to tune in and check them out!
  • AMC Channel: ‘Patron’(Friday at 1pm and Sunday at 2am); ‘The Green Beret’(Friday at 5pm and Saturday at 11am, Monday at 1pm); ‘Flags of our Fathers’ (Saturday at 8pm); ‘Letters to Iwo Jima’ (Saturday at 11pm); ‘Apocalypse Now Redux’ (Sunday at 12:30pm)
  • Turner Classic  Movies: ‘The Steel Helmet’(Sunday at 4:45pm); ‘Sergeant York’ (Sunday at 8pm); ‘PT 109’ (Monday at 8pm);
  • Fox Movie Channel: ‘The Longest Day’ (Sunday at 7:30am and Monday at 10:10am and 8pm)
  • Universal HD: ‘The Unit’ (Sunday at 6am-6pm and Monday 6am-Tuesday at 6am)
  • Military Channel: ‘World War I in Color’ (Sunday at 8-11pm); ‘World War II in Color’ (Monday 12pm-1pm); ‘World War II in HD’ (Monday 9am-6pm); ‘Vietnam in HD’ (Monday 6pm-4am).
  • Spike: ‘Band of Brothers’ (Monday 9am-9pm).
  • Smithsonian Channel: ‘Apocalypse: The Second WWII’ (Monday at 2pm-8pm)
  • BBC America: ‘The Tudors’ (Saturday at 6am and Sunday at 8pm)
  • Hallmark Channel: ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ (Saturday at 10am-10pm); ‘The Bob Newhart Show’ (Sunday at 10am-10pm).
  • History Channel: ‘Pawn Stars’ (Sunday at 4pm-4am and Monday at 8am-9pm) the series will conclude with two new episodes.
  • Chiller Channel: ‘Face Off’ (Monday at 6am and Tuesday at 6am) Syfy’s prosthetic movie makeup competition.
  • BBC America: ‘Top Gear’ (Monday at 8am-10pm) Awesome vehicles get tested in Australia, South America, Italy and China.
Enjoy the long weekend, hang out with friend and enjoy spending time with your family. If you decide to curl up on the couch enjoy one of these awesome movie and TV marathons. To learn more about adding these channels to your list of satellite TV programming visit us at or call (866)989-3474.