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FAQ: How Does DISH Network Work?

by Andrew

Posted on November 2, 2010

DISH Network Satellite On Residence - How does Dish Network workCurious minds and satellite television subscribers alike have pondered the question: "how does DISH Network work?" or "how does satellite TV work?" once or twice, so here's our no frills answer to your inquiry. DISH Network uses specialized broadband dishes to receive signals from orbiting satellites in space which transmit signals to the DISH receiver you have hooked up to your TV at home. DISH subscribers are able to receive audio and video DISH programming directly to their televisions as a result of the direct broadcast satellite provider, DISH Network. Dishes can be easily installed at a residence or an office by an authorized DISH Network local retailer, DISH Systems. As long as the dish is facing the sky at a certain angle without any obstructions or building blocking its way, the signals transmitted from the satellites will be picked up by the dish effectively to view DISH programming. DISH Network subscribers can get free HDTV for life with the HD receiver in addition to perks much like TiVo with the DISH DVR (digital video recorder) service, allowing subscribers to pause and record satellite TV programming. There are a variety of DISH programming packages that subscribers can choose from, including access to local channels and a selection of extensive programming from just under 300 different channels. Looking for even more answers to your questions like "what is the difference between DISH Network and Cable?" then stop by and visit the DISH Network FAQpage by retailer, DISH Systems to find out more answers to your satellite TV questions or call 866-989-3474 to speak with a friendly DISH Systems representative. <!--a8bc1920aaeb40f19614c35af41415e0-->