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FOX Announces That ‘House’ Will End After Its Eighth Season

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on February 14, 2012

The doctor has almost officially left the building. Last week it was announced that the medical drama ‘House’ would be ending after 8 great seasons. The current season runs until the end of May. ‘House’ stars Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory; a no holds barred doctor that tells it like it is. The antisocial doctor specializes in diagnostic medicine and does whatever it takes to save his parents lives. ‘House’ has attained sturdy ratings throughout its eight-year-run, staying primarily in the teens. The show hit its peak in its third season with 19.4 million viewers, with the ratings consistently declining every season after. This show has been able to last as long as it has due to the great acting done by Hugh Laurie. Other recognizable characters have been Olivia Wilde (Tron Legacy), Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar) and Charlyne Yi (Knocked Up) just to name a few. The show almost didn’t even make it to the eighth season. Back in January production company NBC Universal and FOX got into a huge dispute, in regards to who was going to pay for the new series from that point. Fortunately for fans of the show, the show was renewed and was able to properly end. ‘House’ was part of the impressive 2004 pilot season that brought hits like ‘Lost’, ‘The Office’, ‘CSI New York’ and ‘Rescue Me’. Out of the list of shows, ‘Lost’ only lasted 6 seasons, ‘Rescue Me’ made it to its seventh season, ‘The Office’ lost Steve Carell last year but remained on the air and finally ‘CSI NY’ is the only one still going strong. With ‘House’ lasting eight seasons it seems like this show has fared very well.  While it is sad for fans that the show is ending, at least it will have a proper finale to wrap up the series. The series finale is set to air in May. To learn more about your satellite TV programming package visit us at or call (866)989-3474.