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Fox Ends Hit Show ‘House’ With A Bang Tonight In A Two Hour Season Finale At 8PM

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on May 21, 2012

HOUSE-TV-SeriesWhen ‘House’ has been at its peak it reached out to an audience of 20 million viewers, winning four Emmy nominations for best drama and six for star Hugh Laurie. Tonight, Fox ends Dr. House’s tale with a two-hour farewell, divided up between a retrospective and the final episode. Non watchers of the show might be wondering how can a guy whose behavior can be downright antisocial in all facets of his life be entertaining enough to last eight seasons? But Hugh Laurie has created one of the most captivating characters of recent times. “First of all, he’s funny. That’s an important ingredient to the way his mind works, professionally as well as emotionally. He’s also entertaining, which explains why the character Wilson tolerated him for so long,” says Laurie, enjoying a breezy afternoon on a balcony terrace at the Chateau Marmont hotel. Unlike other TV doctor’s house has portrayed a completely different character. House does have his weaknesses, which include an addiction to Vicodin and chronic leg pain that causes him to limp. That limp may have helped viewers to sympathize with him, making his character more likable. Even when he does things like try and choke a patient with their own medication line as House did in last week’s episode. This episode finds House playing another one of his immature stunts like clogging the hospital’s toilets with paper, causing damage to an MRI machine—puts House in a predicament in the finale. His parole from a previous act of destruction is revoked and he is ordered to return to jail. He is supposed to serve six months, one more than the life expectancy of best friend James Wilson, an oncologist who has cancer. “House is faced with a very difficult situation with Wilson, and he assesses what his future should or will be.” says executive producer and show creator, David Shore. House has “always been a good friend. I like the fact that we’re ending the series focusing on the House-Wilson relationship.” Having such strong supporting characters make House a better character. He is only as good as the people who battle him, anytime somebody went toe-to-toe with House and won, it was great programming. Tune in tonight to find out what happens. ‘House’ premiered Nov. 16th, 2004, to modest ratings, starting well short of hit status. “I just wanted a large enough audience so I could keep telling my stories,” Shore says. When they struggled early on Fox backed them giving them a primetime spot following ‘American Idol’. When the show was at its very best in 2006-2007 the show averaged 19.3 million viewers. While the show has slipped a little bit in recent years, it still averages 8.6 million viewers. Shore along with executive producer Katie Jacobs decided to end the show this season because of uncertainties about the future in such matters as budgets and casting. Make sure to tune in tonight to see how it ends. To learn more about the latest programming updates visit us at or call (866)989-3474.