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Get Ready For The Premiere of ‘The Good Wife,’ in September on CBS

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on August 18, 2011

‘The Good Wife,’ starring Julianna Margulies, tells the story of Lawyer “Alicia Florrick,” her crumbling marriage and everything she does to keep her life moving after a very public scandal involving her husband. Trying to hold together the pieces of her life, “Alicia Florrick” goes to work at the law firm of her former college flame, “Will Gardner” (Josh Charles). This series will premiere its third season on Sunday, September 25that 9pm. If you are thinking about investing your time and checking out this new show, here is a list of key episodes you should watch before hand to get yourself caught up.
  • ‘Pilot’ (Season 1, Episode 1): This is a necessary episode to set the tone for the seasons to follow. It not only introduces you to the main players, it gives you a taste of the drama you will be experiencing each week. This isn’t necessarily ‘TGW’s’ best episode but with all the character growth that takes place over two seasons, it’s nice to meet the characters at the beginning.
  • ‘Heart’ (Season 1, Episode 17): This is a must see episode that will set the base of a love triangle between her recently freed husband, Peter, and her new boss, Will. This episode is full of touching character moments and features a stellar guest performance from Martha Plimpton.
  • ‘Taking Control’ (Season 2, Episode 1): Emmy nominated actress, Julianna Margulies, character is sassier and isn’t afraid of getting what she wants. The Season premiere really shows how much her character has grown and sets the pace for the new season.
  • ‘In Sickness’ (Season 2, Episode 21): This is a turning point in Season 2. Alicia discovers a heartbreaking secret about her husband, and it is one that will rock both her personal and professional worlds. This is apparently the episode that got her nominated for the Best Actress Emmy race. Drama ensues as Alicia confronts her husband about his devastating betrayal and works through her emotions with her two children.
  • ‘Closing Arguments’ (Season 2, Episode 23): Since the heartbreaking secret was revealed and confronted in previous episodes, the dust is finally starting to settle. Will goes toe-to-toe with Glenn Childs, the outgoing State’s Attorney, and Alicia lets her hair down. The episode leaves watchers with a very sexy cliffhanger. This is all it takes to keep you hooked for season 3.
Tune in to CBS Sunday, September 25th for the Season 3 premiere. To add CBS to your programming lineup visit us at Dish-Systems or call (888)566-3979. What is your favorite show on CBS? Will you tune in to ‘The Good Wife’ Season 3?