Get The Best HD Available With DISH Network

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on January 13, 2009

TurboHD has the best quality HD content you will find, and it’s available NOW! New, first-time DISH Network customers are eligible for great 100% HD packages starting at only $24.99/mo – that’s over 40 high-def channels at one low price. Channels include ESPNHD, ESPN2HD, Discovery Channel HD, TBS in HD and much more! With over 100 HD channels available and 150 projected by the end of the year, you can expect a lot of choices when it comes to sports, movies, and news. We offer three outstanding packages – TurboHD Bronze ($24.99/mo), Silver ($32.99/mo) and Gold ($39.99/mo) – PLUS our $10/mo 7-channel add-on, PlatinumHD. Here’s how it works. TurboHD uses a cutting-edge 8PSK-Turbo code to stream more data to your satellite receiver at a faster image processing rate, which results in a superior picture and sound for all your home viewing. You won't find this technology anywhere else! TurboHD offers the industry's ONLY 100% HD programming packages. Whether you own HD or SD TVs, TurboHD will deliver the best quality pictures straight to your screen - or multiple screens with select receivers. You can also take advantage of superior audio with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound that TurboHD delivers straight to your home theater system. Additionally, DISH Network presents groundbreaking technology with Video on Demand (VOD) in 1080p - same as Blu-Ray Disc quality that you won't find with ANY other TV provider! What is all comes down to is, TurboHD provides the best HD programming out there- and it's affordable. So you can watch your favorite sports, movies and news in high definition any and every time you want! DISH Network truly gives you the best offer with TurboHD to provide you the BEST in TV for every TV! To get Turbo HD order DISH Network Today at 866.989.3474.