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Give the gift of DISH Network

by Andrew

Posted on November 10, 2008

It’s almost that time of year again for caroling, eggnog and giving. So what is the perfect gift that offers endless hours of entertainment and incredible savings? Yep you guessed it - most likely from the title of this blog - it’s the gift of satellite TV with the DISH Network gift card. DISH Network is great for friends and family who pay too much for their current service since DISH is the lowest priced, all-digital satellite provider in the country. It’s also great for anyone making the switch from analog television to digital because on February 19, 2009 analog TVs will no longer pick up a signal with rabbit ears. This gift card is a great way to give someone a gift they can enjoy all year round. The DISH Network gift card is unlike other types of gift cards. With the DISH Network gift card recipients get an $50 credit on their first bill, free activation worth $99 and much more. And as if seeing your loved one’s face gleam with joy wasn’t reward enough, you’ll get extra savings on your service as well. When your gift is redeemed you’ll get $50 off your bill. You also get 5 free Pay-Per-View coupons and a free DishMOVER certificate. Now that is what I call a gift that keeps on giving. To give the DISH Network gift card you need to be a current DISH subscriber. If you’re not a current subscriber, DISH has packages starting at just $19.99 – that’s pretty much a gift in itself. Go to Dish Systems today or call 866-989-3474 to start your savings today.