Gleeks’ Dreams Come True in New Reality Series ‘The Glee Project’ on Oxygen

You can’t deny that there are times when you catch your inner Gleek coming out, whether you’ve secretly downloaded the songs on your iPod or you linger a little too long in the living room while your teens catch up on the latest episode. There’s something about the hit TV show ‘Glee’ on FOX that has earned its broad fan base beyond the teeny boppers considering the surprising talent and somewhat mature storyline. Inspired by the Golden Globe winning musical TV series, ‘Glee,’ Oxygen is bringing a new reality TV competition to its programming on DISH Network called ‘The Glee Project.’ Oxygen’s latest reality show will feature twelve finalists out of 40,000 Gleeks who auditioned, in a competition unlike any other where the last person standing – or singing – will win a seven episode guest role on the next season of ‘Glee.’

The 12 finalists will be judged on their vocal abilitiy, choreography, acting and overall personality as it fits into the ‘Glee’ show. ‘Glee’s’ casting director and vocal producer will be among some of the mentors to help guide the competitors towards earning the top honor. Below, you’ll find a clip that will introduce you to six of the 12 contestants, giving you an idea of what’s in store for this season of ‘The Glee Project.’ Don’t miss the premiere of Oxygen’s ‘The Glee Project’ on Sunday, June 12 at 9pm, part of DISH Network’s America’s Top 200 programming package and above. To add Oxygen to your satellite TV programming, visit authorized DISH Network retailer, DISH Systems online or call 888-566-3474. From the video below, which contestant do you think has the best shot of making it as a guest cast member on ‘Glee?’


  • wysiwyg says:

    When will Dish carry Oxygen in HD? The Glee Project would be much better in HD.

    • admin says:

      Will definitely keep you posted if any programming changes are made! How do you like the show? Any favorites you want to see on ‘Glee’ next season?

  • wysiwyg says:

    Love the show. I actually caught a rerun of it in HD on Bravo this past weekend. But I would rather see it when it broadcasts on Oxygen in HD. Hope they add it soon.

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