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Google TV vs. Apple TV

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on October 5, 2010

Two Technology Powerhouses Go Head to Head

I’m over running to the local Red Box to see if there are any new releases in stock and dealing with the constant frustration of “I forgot to record that show!” when I’m not at home. Luckily, tech experts at Google and Apple have come up with unique solutions to solve our entertainment dilemmas. While Google TV and Apple TV have different features, each product is able to streamline television viewing and Internet operation all on the “small screen” for a more enhanced user experience. Here’s a closer look at the key features for both products so you can decide which provides the most customizable and user-friendly experience for your TV viewing meets Internet surfing needs.

The Apple TV Lowdown

Apple has given consumers so many innovative products throughout the years, with the iPad being the most recent phenomenon. Without missing a beat, Apple is sure to turn up the volume with its latest venture, hoping the second generation Apple TV is a hit. Design:
  • 80% smaller than the first generation product
  • Energy efficient, stays cool without a noisy fan
  • HD movie rentals available, provides a brief summary, preview, viewer ratings from iTunes and reviews from
  • Commercial-free TV shows can be rented one day after it premieres on TV
  • Favorite TV shows can be selected and kept in one place for easy viewing
  • iTunes music library and movies purchased can be streamlined to TV
  • Watch movies and view picture slideshows on TV through Netflix, Youtube, MobileMe and Flickr
  • Remote control app can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Coming Soon: “Air Play” will be able to stream all content from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

The Google TV Goods

Smarter TVs powered by Google give viewers an easy, at-home platform to watch television, search the Internet and enjoy apps, movies, music and more in the comfort of a living room. Design:
  • Purchase Sony Internet TV, a smart, standalone TV already hooked up to Google TV
  • Logitech Revue with Google TV is a separate box that can be purchased to work with any current TV set
  • Access channels, apps and web content with the search bar in one location
  • Browse the entire web on your TV
  • Android and iPhone Apps are now on TV – access apps like Pandora and Twitter (developers will soon be able to come out with more)
  • Dual-view option allows viewers to browse the Internet and watch TV at the same time
  • Dish Network subscribers can access their DVR and record favorite shows from the search bar
  • Stream photos from any photo-sharing website
  • Automatic updates and new features will be added at no-charge
  • Home screen is customizable, giving viewers quick access to their favorite channels, websites and apps
  • Use any Android or iPhone as a remote control, multiple phones can control one TV
  • Includes voice command feature to activate search
Apple may have Google beat on the design and functionality of the actual “box” for the home, but Google TV seams more user-friendly, especially with the unfussiness of the home screen. Although, I’ve always found one thing in common with Apple products and Google tools, both are able to maintain simplicity through its advanced technology that even my mom and her mom can figure out how to use. I know I’m looking forward to watching TV and movies in a whole new way with the convenience of my favorite apps and Internet sites all at the touch of my remote (or phone that is…). To see how you can maximize the viewer experience with Google TV, become a Dish Network subscriber here: For more information on Google’s latest project visit and visit for an in-depth look at Apple’s counter product.