Halloween TV & Movie Marathons

Yep. It’s that time of year again. The time of year when you turn on the TV you are helplessly drawn in to watching another horror flick or scary TV show. Well Halloween day is going to be the Ultimate scare-fest this year. You’re going to want to clear out your DVR’s when you see what’s in store for you this October 31st. From morning till nightfall and beyond, it’s a mega marathon of the scariest shows and movies of all time. Check out what DISH Network subscribers will be enjoying from underneath there blankets this upcoming fright-filled Halloween night.

TV Scare-a-thons on DISH Network -10/31


9:00 AM Halloween

11:00 AM Halloween 4

1:00 PM Halloween 5

3:00 PM Night of Living Dead

5:15 PM Night of Living Dead

7:30 PM Night of Living Dead

9:45 PM Night of Living Dead


12:00 AM The Shining

Fine Living Network

12:00 PM Haunted Homes “Beacon Radio”

1:00 PM Haunted Homes “The Beckwith Family”

2:00 PM Haunted Homes “The White Horse Pub”

3:00 PM Haunted Homes “The Outram Family”

4:00 PM Haunted Homes “Munday Family”

8:00 PM Martha Halloween

The Biography Channel

12:00 PM Silence of the Lambs

2:30 PM Paranormal USA

3:00 PM My Ghost Story

4:00 PM My Ghost Story 2

5:00 PM Celeb. Ghost Stories “Carrie Fisher; Rue McClanahan; John Waters; Federico Castelluccio”

6:00 PM Celeb. Ghost Stories “Barry Williams; Debi Mazar; Greg Grunberg; Sammy Hagar”

7:00 PM Celeb. Ghost Stories “Joan Rivers; David Carradine; Scott Baio; Teri Polo”

8:00 PM Extreme Paranormal “Pennhurst Insane Asylum & Manchac Swamp”

The History Channel

5:00 AM MonsterQuest “Super Rats”

6:00 AM MonsterQuest “Giant Squid Found?”

7:00 AM MonsterQuest “Giant Killer Snakes”

8:00 AM MonsterQuest “Giant Bear Attack”

9:00 AM MonsterQuest “Flying Monsters”

10:00 AM MonsterQuest “Monster Spiders”

11:00 AM MonsterQuest “Devils in New Jersey”

12:00 PM MonsterQuest “American Werewolf”

1:00 PM MonsterQuest “Chupacabra”

2:00 PM MonsterQuest “Bigfoot in New York”

3:00 PM MonsterQuest “Mega Jaws”

4:00 PM Modern Marvels “Halloween Tech”

5:00 PM MonsterQuest “Abominable Snowman”

7:00 PM The Real Wolfman

9:01 PM MonsterQuest “Abominable Snowman”


6:00 AM Ghost Hunters “Inhuman Entity”

7:00 AM Ghost Hunters “Two to Tango”

8:00 AM Ghost Hunters “House of Spirits”

9:00 AM Ghost Hunters “O.K. Corral”

10:00 AM Ghost Hunters “Irish Ruins”

11:00 AM Ghost Hunters “Iron Island”

12:00 PM Ghost Hunters “Lost Souls”

1:00 PM Ghost Hunters “Ghostly Child”

2:00 PM Ghost Hunters “Old Jail”

3:00 PM Ghost Hunters “Essex County Jail”

4:00 PM Ghost Hunters “Glimmer Men”

5:12 PM Ghost Hunters “St. Augustine Lighthouse”

6:24 PM Ghost Hunters “Tombstone”

7:36 PM Ghost Hunters “Attack of the Irish Elemental”

8:48 PM Ghost Hunters “Eastern State Penitentiary”

10:00 PM Ghost Hunters “The Armory”

11:00 PM Ghost Hunters “Crossing Over”


4:00 AM I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

6:00 AM Ghost Ship

8:00 AM Constantine

10:30 AM The Butterfly Effect

1:00 PM Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers

3:00 PM Halloween H2O

5:00 PM Ghost Rider


5:00 AM Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers

7:00 AM Phantasm II

9:00 AM The Birds

11:00 AM Birds II: Land’s End

1:00 PM Child’s Play 2

3:00 PM Dawn of the Dead

5:00 PM Bram Stoker’s Dracula

9:00 PM Bram Stoker’s Dracula

1:00 AM Dawn of the Dead

The Travel Channel

6:00 AM Creepy Destinations

7:00 AM America Haunts

8:00 AM America Haunts 2

9:00 AM America Haunts 3

10:00 AM America Haunts 4

11:00 AM Terrifying Places

12:00 PM Terrifying Places

1:00 PM Ghost Stories “Moundsville Penitentiary”

1:30 PM Ghost Stories “Trans-Allegheny”

2:00 PM Ghost Adventures

9:00 PM Ghost Adventures “Preston Castle”

10:00 PM Ghost Adventures “Bird Cage Theatre”

11:00 PM Ghost Adventures “La Purisima”

WGN America

12:00 PM The Addams Family “The Addams Family Goes to School”

12:30 PM The Addams Family “Morticia and the Psychiatrist”

1:00 PM The Addams Family “Halloween With the Addams Family”

1:30 PM The Addams Family “Green-Eyed Gomez”

2:00 PM The Addams Family “Wednesday Leaves Home”

2:30 PM The Addams Family “The Addams Family Meets the VIPs”

3:00 PM The Addams Family “Lurch Learns to Dance”

3:30 PM The Addams Family “Mother Lurch Visits the Addams Family”

4:00 PM The Addams Family “Uncle Fester’s Illness”

4:30 PM The Addams Family “The Addams Family Splurges”

5:00 PM The Addams Family “Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family”

5:30 PM The Addams Family “Amnesia in the Addams Family”

6:00 PM The Addams Family “Thing Is Missing”

6:30 PM The Addams Family “Lurch, the Teenage Idol”

7:00 PM The Addams Family “Gomez, the People’s Choice”

7:30 PM The Addams Family “Halloween, Addams Style”

9:00 PM Pet Cemetery Two

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