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Hillary Swank’s ‘The Resident’ Available in HD on DISH Cinema the Same Day it Opens in Movie Theaters

by Andrew

Posted on February 18, 2011

Sometimes watching a good scary movie is just more fun to watch at home than in the theaters! DISH Network subscribers can save themselves a few bucks and take advantage of DISH deals by watching 'The Resident' in HD on DISH Network PPV the same day it opens in theaters (Feb. 18). For your friends and family members that don't have DISH Network, invite them over to enjoy Hillary Swank's new thriller movie together on opening night - no lines and no outrageous popcorn prices necessary! 'The Resident' stars Academy-Award winning actress Hillary Swank who plays Juliet, a young doctor from Brooklyn who discovers that she's definitely not the only one living in her New York loft. The movie also stars Christopher Lee and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Sounds like this thriller is one to watch before it gets too dark out tonight, watch the movie trailer below. DISH Network's Senior Vice President of Programming, Dave Shull, made a statement about tonight's new release on PPV: "DISH Network is committed to giving our customers the best in-home movie experience. Not only do we offer movies simultaneously with the theatrical release, but also we give our customers access to a huge library of movies available 28 days before Netflix and Redbox, as well as on the same day or prior to DVD release." Viewers can watch 'The Resident' in HD on PPV channel 541 today (Feb. 18) through Feb. 28 for only $5.99. To watch the new movie in standard definition, tune in to channel 549 from today (Feb. 18) through Feb. 21 where you will just pay $4.99. Visit authorized DISH Network retailer DISH Systems online or call 866-989-3474 to learn more about DISH Pay-Per-View events.