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How To Get My Cable Bill Down

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on July 10, 2009

Let’s face it; no matter how hard you are up for cash, shutting off your cable service to save money probably isn’t gonna happen. Most people will look for other ways to cut back like with, eating out, clothes shopping, vacationing, or maybe buying store brand items. But now with analog TV (free antenna TV) gone, when you turn off your cable, you’re shutting yourself off from the world. Well then, why even bring it up if you still have to pay for it, right? Here’s the thing, you’re not the only one hurting. Companies all over America are feeling the crunch as well, this includes the cable companies. You’ve probably already noticed all the new ads on TV or in your mail from the competing cable and satellite TV providers. DISH Network even has a package plan for 10 bucks a month. After looking into it, it’s more like 20 bucks after adding local channels and a DVR. But still, that’s not bad. Think of what your cable bill is now. So bottom line is, keep your eyes open for the best deals in these trouble times and not only could you keep some luxuries in your life, but you could get a discount on them.