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How to lower your cable bill

by Andrew

Posted on January 27, 2009

Review and understand your monthly bill. Know what package you have and don’t pay for services you don't need, want, or even realize you have. Ask about all uncertain charges or new increases and find out what they mean. Ask about special promotions or a lower bill in exchange for committing to another term. Get rid of any “extras” you don’t need or watch on a regular basis. Take note of the channels you regularly watch and see if you can’t downgrade your package without cutting out your favorite programs. Don’t go overboard on PPV movies and events. These charges add up and can sometimes even double your bill. Find a promotion from another company offering a lower monthly rate for similar programming. Call your provider and tell them about the deal you found. There’s no need to be threatening, just tell them you really like your current service but this new deal is making you think about switching, but you wanted to see if they would be able to match the deal before you looked any further into it. Usually the company will be happy to match the offer, unless it’s not your first time. If you try this on a regular basis they’ll start to get a little stricter with their generosity. And of course if your current television provider doesn’t want to play ball, you might have to go through with switching over to another company. Sometimes a clean start can be a relief though, after you make the switch, keep an eye on your bill, know how long your commitment is and keep your “extras” under control. Now you’ll know you have the lowest monthly bill possible and if you did your research right, you’ll probably be enjoying a better package with more perks at a lower cost.