How to Set Your Remote’s Parental Controls

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on December 17, 2008

DISH Network allows you to get control over what your children are watching! Now you can have peace of mind by making sure you approve of the programming being watched in your home. At DISH Network, we continue to offer the Parental Controls and System Locks feature on off of our satellite receivers. Easily manage your family's TV viewing by enabling this feature - at no additional cost. LOCK BY RATINGS Based on Motion Picture Association of America ratings - Option to select additional protection based on expanded ratings such as violence, language, nudity and sexual content LOCK BY CHANNEL Prevent anyone from viewing selected channels unless they enter the correct password Lock any channel, including movie channels, Pay-Per-View and local channel To set channel locks, press the MENU button on your remote, select LOCKS then choose the locks appropriate for your family. Once you've made your selection, lock the system to set a password which will ensure you have control over the programming you want and don't want. If you would like order DISH Network and take control of the TV content entering your home, visit Dish Systems or call 866.989.3474.