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Local ION Affiliate Launched in Los Angeles, CA DMA

by Andrew

Posted on April 23, 2009

DISH Network launched the local ION affiliate in the Los Angeles, California DMA! Customers in the Los Angeles DMA will now have the opportunity to enjoy programs such as The Drew Carey Show and Quantum Leap on ION for no additional cost! Local network programming is available for $5.00/month when taken in conjunction with eligible residential programming. Customers who do not subscribe to eligible residential programming may add the $9.99/month Locals Only Package to non-eligible residential programming or as a standalone package. Please note that the Locals Only Package includes local network programming and the monthly Service Access Fee.Local ION Affiliate Launched in the Los Angeles Network Station DISH Network Channel Number/ Local Channel/ Number Orbital LocationION /KPXN /8025 /30ABC (HD) /KABC /8000 (6306) /7Azteca /KAZA /8011 /54CBS (HD) /KCBS /8001 (6307)/ 2CW (HD) /KTLA /8004 (6310) /5FOX (HD) /KTTV /8003 (6309) /11Independent /KBEH /8015 /63Independent (HD) /KCAL /8007 (6311) /9Independent /KDOC /8018 /56Independent /KHIZ /8019 /64Independent /KJLA /8022 /57Independent /KRCA /8016 /62Independent /KSCI /8017 /18Independent /KVMD /8021 /31Independent /KXLA /8020 /44MyNetworkTV /KCOP /8005 /13NBC (HD) /KNBC /8002 (6308) /4PBS/ KCET /8006 /28PBS /KLCS /8012 /58PBS /KOCE /8013 /50PBS /KCVR /8014 /24Independent – Spanish Language /KWHY /8023 /22Telefutura/ KFTR /8010 /46Telemundo /KVEA /8009 /52Univision /KBBC /8024 /20Univision /KMEX /8008 /34To look into other great local programming through DISH Network, or to order DISH Network call 866.989.3474 or visit Dish Systems online today.