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‘Man with the Golden Voice’ Talks to Dr. Phil in Two Part Series on DISH Network

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on January 11, 2011

'From Homeless to Hollywood' is the theme of Dr. Phil's two part show airing today and tomorrow on DISH Network, as the well-known psychologist and TV personality takes a deeper look into America's latest viral sensation - Ted Williams. In case you are one of the few people who has missed the YouTube video of a recently homeless man from Ohio, Ted Williams, sharing his "golden voice" with a Columbus Dispatch reporter, you'll be able to catch up with the times by tuning in to Dr. Phil's special on CBS today, with part two airing tomorrow - check your local listings for show times (4:00PM Southern California). When over six million people see your story from around the world, your life is sure to change in some way - and Ted Williams was no exception. The Cleveland Cavaliers and NFL Films offered Williams jobs doing voice overs and announcements, it all seems too good to be true as Williams vows not to mess up his 'second chance.' Dr. Phil will use his platform to reveal Williams past asking tough questions about his estranged wife and children plus the 'challenges of fame.' After a recent story this morning of LAPD police detaining Williams because of a domestic dispute with one of his daughters (no charges were pressed) it seems as though Williams may be learning these challenges the hard way. Tune in to the 'Dr. Phil Show' this afternoon and tomorrow to learn more about this overnight sensation. To learn more about how you can watch the 'Dr. Phil Show' and other programming in HD free for life, visit DISH Systems - authorized DISH Network retailer, online or call 866-989-3474. Become a fan on Facebook and follow DISH Systems on Twitter for further satellite TV deals and updates.