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March Madness TV Schedule – Watch Every NCAA Basketball Game With DISH Remote Access

by Andrew

Posted on March 10, 2011

Already hard at work on your March Madness bracket and making your predictions early on? Who could blame you seeing as the much anticipated tip off to the first round of the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship begins Tuesday evening (March 15) on DISH Network. I'm sure you won't only be planning your bracket this weekend as the teams progress closer to the official start of March Madness, but you'll also be scouting out when and where the games will be played so you can make viewing plans accordingly. Luckily for DISH Network subscribers, even if you're on the road for business or have to be away from your big screen TV for one of the games, you won't have to miss anything. DISH Remote Access gives DISH subscribers access to 'TV Everywhere,' meaning you can watch the games live or recorded on your smart phone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Tablet and even your laptop or PC. Below, you'll find the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball rankings below (as of March 7) as well as the TV broadcast schedule up through the Final Four Championship. NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Rankings  (as of March 7, 2011)
  1. 1. Kansas (29-2)
  2. 2. Ohio State (29-2)
  3. 3. San Diego State (29-2)
  4. 4. BYU (28-3)
  5. 5. Duke (27-4)
  6. 6. North Carolina (24-6)
  7. 7. Pittsburgh (27-4)
  8. 8. Purdue (25-6)
  9. 9. Notre Dame (25-5)
  10. 10. Florida (24-6)
March Madness TV Programming Schedule
  •  First Round: March 15, 16 on truTV
  • Second and Third Rounds: March 17, 18, 19, 20 on CBS, TBS, TNT (exact channels TBD)
  • Southeast Regional: March 24, 26 on CBS
  • West Regional: March 24, 26 on CBS
  • East Regional: March 25, 27 on CBS
  • Southwest Regional: March 25, 27 on CBS
  • Final Four: April 2, 4 on CBS
Again, you catch all of the March Madness games online or on your mobile device as long as you have a compatible Sling Adapter set up at home. To learn more about DISH Remote Access visit authorized DISH Network retailer DISH Systems online or call 866-989-3474.