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Maybe a Big “No Thanks” for DISH Getting the Big Ten Network

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on September 11, 2007

As many of you might have read, Dish Network launched the Big Ten Network On September 6, 2007 and added the new sports channel to the America’s Top 100 package. The Big Ten now has a home at Channel 439 on Dish Network and Dish is giving all customers a sneak preview until early 2008. Then the channel will become a part of the America’s Top 100 Plus Package. So hooray for those fans that finally got the channel they have been screaming about since the announcement of a Big Ten Conference Channel. But at what cost does the addition of this channel do for the other 13 million Dish customers that will cruise on by channel 439? One can only think that with the money spent for the Big Ten Network, Dish Network could have added one more national HD channel or another local HD Market. Once again Dish Network played chicken with a content programming provider (The Big Ten Network has support from Fox Cable Networks) and we can assume that got a sweet deal since it came down to the 11th hour.  However, if the channel is lumped into a basic inexpensive programming package like America’s Top 100, then one can assume that all 13 million of us that subscribe to Dish Network are footing the bill for a small percent of Big ten Conference Fans. We love new content, but come-on EchoStar, stop with the “it’s about the principle” attitude when it comes to programming. Pay the price, make it an al la carte channel, or let the channel go. For those of you who are fans of the 11 universities that make up The Big Ten, well, I guess we can say "your welcome". Enjoy the channel and I will cheer on the additional HD sports channel the the Bog Ten Network will provide. So Big Ten Fans, will you be as outraged and ready to foot the bill when Dish Network draws a battle line against other New College Conference’s Channels? We hope so!