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Monsters in HD…They’re getting closer!

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on September 30, 2008

Get ready to get scared – in high-def! The CHILLER channel in HD has long been anticipated, but it looks like DirecTV and DISH Network subscribers will get a little extra treat this October.  As if the Chiller Channel wasn’t scary enough, now all the horror will be popping right out of your TV.

So get in the holiday spirit - ghost lovers.  October is filled with terrifying marathons to keep you on your toes all month long. Check out this marathon that will start Oct. 1st off with a bang and end it with a startling bump in the night.

Wednesday, October 1: The Blob (10am and 3am (ET)) Hellraiser III (12pm and 6pm (ET)) Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (2pm and 1am (ET)) Curse of Alcatraz (4pm (ET)) Blade Runner (8pm and 10:30pm (ET))

How else to spend a brisk Halloween night but to be nestled up on the couch watching an all-night horror fest?  But before going to sleep, don’t forget to check your locks and under the bed.

Friday, October 31: The Blob (7am (ET)) Little Shop of Horrors (9am (ET)) 2007 Dare 2 Direct Film Festival Encore (10:30am (ET)) The Universal Horror Story (11am (ET)) House of Frankenstein (1pm (ET)) Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (5pm (ET)) Stephen King's The Tommyknockers Part I (7pm (ET)) CHILLER Original: 2008 Dare 2 Direct Film Festival Premiere (9 & 9:30pm, 12 & 12:30am, 2:30am (ET)) Stephen King's The Tommyknockers Part II (10pm (ET)) CHILLER Original: The Hills Are Alive (1am (ET)) The Rocky Horror Picture Show Premiere (3am (ET))

To see what other killer movies Chiller has planned to put a fright in your night check out . And sorry to anyone without a dish, your cable provider probably doesn’t carry the Chiller Channel, but fear no more, you can still switch before it’s to late at