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MTV Real World Cast Heads Back to Las Vegas Tonight on DISH Network

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Posted on March 9, 2011

It all began in New York City circa 1992, now back for its 25th season, MTV's 'The Real World: Las Vegas" premieres tonight on DISH Network at 10:00 PM (right after 'American Idol' on FOX so you won't have to miss either one). 'The Real World' is one of the original reality TV shows that paved the way for so many other non-scripted programming viewers see on television today including MTV's hit 'The Jersey Shore.' The last time 'The Real World' set out on the Las Vegas Strip was back in 2002, since then the show has taken roommates worldwide and across the nation. This year's seven roommates are young twentysomethings with plenty to offer Sin City with their personal stories and flair for the dramatic. Here's the scoop via MTV.com on the new roommates viewers will be introduced to tonight on the premiere of 'The Real World: Las Vegas.'The Real World Las Vegas Guys:
  • Adam (22) hails from Portland, Maine: Ironically a college graduate with a degree in Criminology and Political Science, Adam spent time in juvenile detention after being involved in a drug bust - he was the dealer. He seems to be quite the 'manipulator' considering his shady past and current 'girlfriend' situation.
  • Dustin (24) ventures from Rayne, Louisiana: His good looks and Southern charm has gotten this Louisiana boy more attention than just with the ladies...his rocky past is revealed while partying in Las Vegas.
  • Leroy (25) comes from Detroit, Michigan: Your typical party boy, who despite living in Michigan might fit in just as well on the Jersey Shore with how he attempts to pick up women in clubs and bars. He even pretends to be a professional athlete among other things to swoon the ladies and win them over.
  • Michael (23) journeys from College Park, Maryland: A small town boy with quite the heavy load to handle at home, having put himself through college and has been helping raise his seven half siblings. Will be interesting to see how he fits into the mix, although his parents have a drug addiction background as well - something almost every roommate has in common.
The Real World Las Vegas Ladies:
  • Heather (21) makes her way out from Deltran, New Jersey: All the girls this season are from the East Coast and Heather is no exception, although this Jersey girl looks opposite of her co-citizens over on the 'Jersey Shore.' Seems like a sweet enough girl who comes from a small town and a close family back home.
  • Nany (21) heads out from Jamestown, New York: A Hispanic-American who's a competitor at heart and is currently in a long-term relationship - makes for an interesting mix seeing as most of the roommates are single which could lead to temptation down the line, especially in Sin City.
  • Naomi (22) jet sets from Bronx, New York: An 'advocate for immigration and gay rights' this outspoken Bronx native hopes to become a television reporter one day. Naomi reveals her promiscuous past and doesn't see much wrong with it, so one can only imagine how Vegas will refuse to hinder that moving forward.
Catch the premiere of the 25th season of the 'The Real World: Las Vegas' tonight on MTV at 10/9c. You can watch the show in high-definition on DISH Network and to learn more about DISH programming visit authorized retailer DISH Systems online or call 866-989-3474.



Meg 2011-04-14 20:12:59


Cati 2011-03-29 00:44:57

The Real World Las Vegas is so lame. The cast is full of sheltered social out casts. What's up with MTV. Why even make the show when The Hills and Jersey Shore has "normal" people who are actually cool. If you're going to have a reality show it should be people who regular people either want to be or at least would want to hang out with. If I ran into this group at a club I would make fun of them. The one guy seems cool, the guy who went to juvi and maybe the black guy. The others ones, OMG, the virgin loser that says he's "a city guy at heart" but he comes from cow town USA what does that even mean? I am offended MTV casted this group, it's embarrassing.

john smith 2011-03-26 12:00:49

Real world las vegas sucks, I think all the real world sucks..Jersey shore is the best show on M.T.V. ever, no show on mtv will ever top jersey shore.

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