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New DISH Subscribers Access Four Premium Movie Channel Packages Free for Three Months

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on June 30, 2011

I know we just mentioned new DISH Network offers in yesterday's blog post about 99-cent movie rentals via DISH On Demand to help celebrate the 4th of July weekend, but DISH Network is rolling out a new promotion for new DISH subscribers Thursday, June 30 giving them free access to three months of four premium movie channel packages. Yes, that's four movie channel packages at no additional cost to new DISH Network subscribers, which means endless entertainment to be seen on HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime. That's nearly 100 days of free, endless entertainment - so no more excuses when you hear someone chime in "there's nothing to watch on TV!" Here's four reasons why that complaint is false. FREE HBO: From original documentaries and hit series to World Championship boxing events, HBO offers the greatest variety in entertainment that is sure to please any viewer at home. Some of the most talked about shows on television are broadcast on HBO inlcuding 'True Blood,' season 4, the last season of 'Entourage,' and countless movies. Watch a preview of 'True Blood,' season 4 below. FREE STARZ: Starz premium entertainment channel offers endless movie selections, including new release hits and original programming. The anticipated series 'Torchwood,' is set to premiere on July 8, while movies now playing include: 'Easy A,' 'Salt,' 'The Karate Kid,' and 'The Social Network.' Watch the trailer for the comedy 'Easy A,' below. FREE CINEMAX: Cinemax, is the ultimate movie package with five channels of various movie genres playing 24/7. Cinemax is definitely the go-to pick for movies from the past and new releases you haven't had a chance to see just yet. Now playing on Cinemax is the action packed 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,' watch the trailer below. FREE SHOWTIME: Showtime delivers critically acclaimed original series, Hollywood hit movies and SHOWTIME Sports®. Just some of the popular original series include: 'Weeds,' and 'The Big C.' Showtime is also premiering an original sports documentary this summer as its camera crews follow the San Francisco Giants during their 2011 MLB season, here's a clip below. To learn more about the free premium movie packages offer and other DISH Network deals, visit authorized retailer DISH Systems, online or call 866-989-3474. Don't forget that from July 1 - July 7 you can also rent five new releases movies at DISH On Demand for on 99-cents each. Looking for another freebie? Join us in celebrating the 4th of July on Facebook for a chance to win an action DVD movie set and a leather HBO wine carrier.