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NFL Is Set To Release The Official 2012-2013 Schedule Tonight At 7pm On NFL Network

by Andrew

Posted on April 17, 2012

NFL ScheduleNFL Season is almost here and we can already foresee the intense matchups that will surely happen this year. The NFL is set to release their 2012 schedule tonight live at 7pm on both and the NFL Network. While not every matchup is sure to thrill and chill you, there are many teams and matchups that are sure to get football fans in general, excited. For example how many times will we see the defending Super Bowl Champion the Giants, their NFC rivals Green Bay, San Francisco and New Orleans on Primetime? How will Tebow affect the Jets and their schedule? What can you expect Peyton to do with the Denver Broncos, and when will he visit his old friend Tom Brady in Foxborough? Not to mention how the Saints will do without a major part of their coaching staff? These are all things that we will find out once the season starts, but we can get an idea tonight when the schedule is announced. Here is a quick look at some of the most anticipated matchups on the 2012 schedule:
  • Giants vs. 49ers: Could we truly be seeing the rebirth of one of the league’s most storied rivalries? Both of these teams treated us to two of the most hard-fought games of the season last year, we can only hope for the same intensity again this year.
  • Broncos at Patriots: What more do we need to say than Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady! Every chance we have to see two of the best quarterbacks ever on the same field, there is absolutely no reason to complain. Peyton is also on a new team this year and a win in Foxborough could mean everything. This is a game you definitely will not want to miss.
  • Patriots at Ravens: These two usually see each other in the playoffs, but are also regulars in the postseason and it wouldn’t be shocking if they were battling for the top seed when they meet. These two teams are about as opposite as it gets but they both always bring it to the field.
Anticipation has been building for the past week, over the schedule that has yet to be announced. Tune in tonight at 7pm on the NFL Network or for wall to wall coverage of the official season schedule. To learn more about adding the NFL Network to your list of satellite TV Programming, call 888-566-3979 or browse our selection of DISH Network NFL packages.