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NFL Network and ESPN Streaming The NFL Draft Live tonight at 7pm

by Andrew

Posted on April 26, 2012

nfl draftFor many people this time of year is more exciting than Christmas or even their Birthdays. Today marks the beginning of Football season with the NFL Draft tonight on ESPN and the NFL Network. It starts tonight at 7pm on ESPN and will continue until the first round is complete. The second and third rounds will start at 6 p.m. on Friday night and then everything will wrap up by 11 am Saturday morning. There are a few teams that are in desperate need of some great draft picks and are looking forward to today’s draft options. It is rumored that the Washington Redskins and the Indianapolis Colts will select Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III with the first two picks they have coming in the Draft. After months of scouting, there are a few players that stand out amongst the rest and are coming out of some of the most prestigious colleges in the country. Here is the list of teams that may be searching out these top recruits:
  • Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings have holes in their offensive line. They are looking for a new offensive tackle, wide receiver and cornerback. Lucky for them, Matt Kalil from USC is one of the best offensive tackle prospects to enter the draft. Hopefully the Minnesota Vikings will be lucky enough to land him.
  • Cleveland Browns: The Browns are also looking to expand the talent on their team. The Team is in desperate need of a running back and a wide receiver. Alabama’s Trent Richardson, and Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon can fill those positions very easily. While Blackmon would give the team a true No.1 receiver, running back needs to be addressed first and Richardson is a rare, elite talent at the position worth a Top-Five pick.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did make some great moves in the Free Agency, but the team is still in need of a few key elements. With a No. 5 pick they should be to fill those positions. Tampa Bay needs a running back because LeGarrette Blunt isn’t a long-term answer at the position, so they could use help in the secondary. The LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne would be the perfect fit and is projected to be a shutdown guy that could possibly develop into a pro bowler. Chances are if Richardson falls here, he would be the pickup and Claiborne will end up in Tampa.
  • St. Louis Rams: The Rams are in desperate need of a receiver, so that franchise quarterback Sam Bradford will have a legitimate target to throw at. Oklahoma States Justin Blackmon would be the wise choice for the St. Louis Rams. If they decide to go in a different direction they should consider that they also need to pickup for their corner position and someone in the offensive tackle position as well.
The Draft starts tonight at 7pm central time on ESPN and will continue until the first round is complete. The second and third rounds will start at 6 pm on Friday night and the draft will be over, come Saturday morning. The NFL Network will also have full coverage. To learn more about adding the NFL Network to your list of satellite TV programming visit us at DISH or call (888)566-3979. T