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by TVBlogEditor

Posted on August 15, 2012

Fantasy football players will be happy to know that there are two very good options for their NFL viewing pleasure on Sundays: Redzone and Sunday Ticket. DirecTV offers Sunday Ticket to their customers and Redzone comes from NFL Network. You could conceivably have both without paying too much extra, but you would only be able to use one at a time. Fantasy football players will find each with its own pros and cons. For fantasy football players who live, eat, and breathe football, NFL Sunday Ticket is the way to go. They show you every game every single week. Redzone does this as well, but the difference is that Redzone shows you all of the critical drives in every game as they are happening. Sunday Ticket only focuses on one game at a time, though it is the game that you choose. Redzone interrupts the game you're on now to take you to potential scoring drives, drives to end the half or game, and overtimes.  So if you’re looking for constant action and updates then Redzone’s for you. Sunday Ticket is ideal for the football fanatic that lives outside of their team's market area. Fans of multiple teams will always benefit from Sunday Ticket as they can keep tabs on any game any time. Redzone is probably better for fantasy football players because it shows them exactly how their fantasy players are performing. When the championships are on the line, people can watch their players score touchdowns, kick field goals, and intercept big passes. With Redzone, the announcers basically take you from game to game and allow you to watch the most important parts of that game. This is a great tool to have if your team plays at a different time or if your team has a bye week. The season becomes a lot more exciting with Redzone than with Sunday Ticket. Fantasy players get to keep tabs on their QB, RB, WR, and anyone else they have involved in the games. They'll be able to basically figure out their score in the fantasy game compared to other players. The fast, exciting nature of Redzone puts fantasy football players and football fans in the heart of the most exciting action. The touchdown might be the most exciting score in all of sports, and you could see every touchdown every week with NFL Redzone. You should get Redzone if you want to upgrade the way you watch NFL football. You'll likely never go back to the way you used to watch the game.