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NFL SUNDAY TICKET for the Playstation 3

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on July 25, 2012

The NFL Sunday Ticket has been a long running hit among DirecTV subscribers. Providing coverage of all games that are played on Sunday, the Sunday Ticket has become a must have for any serious NFL fan who doesn't want to miss any of their favorite teams games. Unfortunately, many fans only have cable and don't wish to purchase DirecTV just to watch their favorite teams. Luckily for them, DirecTV has now begun offering the NFL Sunday Ticket package on the Plastation 3 computer entertainment system. Showing up to 14 NFL games every Sunday, the Sunday Ticket is an excellent option for any football enthusiast, especially those without access to normal Dish service, whether due to personal choice, or housing restrictions. The NFL Sunday Ticket package can be purchased on the Playstation 3 for $339.95. Although this price may sound high, it's only $5 more than DirecTV charges for the regular service. Best of all, those subscribers who already have the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV or DirecTV-to-go can get access on their Playstation's for no extra charge. For many users, one of the main selling points of the Sunday Ticket on PS3 is the simple fact that it allows them access to the games they want, without having to sign up to DirecTV's full service. Many Playstation fans are happy to see their favorite system breaking into the sports' fans market, allowing them the freedom to subscribe to a Playstation service instead of DirecTV. For many diehard sports and Playstation fans, this is a peak selling point by itself. With its access to games that you would otherwise never get to see, on a system that you already own and love, the DirecTV Sunday Ticket on the Playstation 3 is an excellent partnership that all sports and video game fans can appreciate. Whether you live in a home that doesn't allow for a dish to be put up, or simply don't want to the full DirecTV service, Playstation has offered a great alternative that still allows you to catch your favorite sunday games. For those customers that already have access to the Sunday Ticket, the ability to now watch a game on their TV while simultaneously streaming one on their Playstation makes it possible to catch more than one game at a time. This is an excellent option for extreme sports fans who want to watch two of their favorite teams, or just for a home that houses fans of more than one team. With the DirecTV Sunday Ticket on Playstation 3, you'll never again miss your favorite Sunday game.