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No Cheerleaders at the Super Bowl Gives ‘Hellcats’ Opporunity to Recruit Football Fans

by Andrew

Posted on February 3, 2011

No cheerleaders, at the Super Bowl this year?! What has this world come to? Seeing as neither the Green Bay Packers nor the Pittsburgh Steelers have cheerleaders (most likely due to the freezing temperatures during football season in both states), Sunday will be the first Super Bowl game in 43 years to not have cheerleaders rooting on the team and entertaining fans.  In light of this harsh news for football fans attending the game on Sunday and watching from home, the cast of the hit CW series 'Hellcats' recently shared a public service announcement aimed at football fans. Empathetic about the loss of cheerleaders on game day this year, the 'Hellcats' main squad members Marti Perkins (Aly Michalka) and captain, Savannah Monroe (Ashley Tisdale) come together in the following PSA letting viewers and fans know that they can get their cheerleading fix every Tuesday night at 9:00 PM on the CW. The show isn't just another teen drama similar to the movie "Bring It On" from back in the day with Kirsten Dunst, but you also get to watch competition routines choreographed by the pros which makes for a solid hour of entertainment.   Watch the Super Bowl on DISH Network this Sunday, February 6th and catch a brand new episode of 'Hellcats' on the CW Tuesday, February 8th. For access to new DISH Network deals visit authorized retailer DISH Systems online or call 866-989-3474. You can also find DISH Systems on Facebook and Twitter for satellite TV programming updates and news.