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October FREE Preview Channels on Dish Network

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on October 8, 2010

GAC There is no better time than now to take advantage of Dish Network's free preview channels throughout the month of October. Dish Network has put together a collective package of free channels for Dish subscribers to preview during this month from sports games to home improvement specials. This is a great way to enjoy some channels that you may never have heard about or seen before, that way you can decide whether or not to add these channels to your Dish Network account in the future. "Great American Country" provides viewers a wide variety of their favorite country music artists, music videos and concerts on one channel.  This channel includes hit shows like Soundstage and GAC Nights, giving you a sneak peek at country artists' music and lives. "GAC" is available for free from September 30th - October 26th on channel 167. "NHL Center Ice" gives sports fans the best seat in the house, just in time for hockey season. Catch 40 games that are out of market so you can always count on watching your favorite teams whether they're at home or on the road. This free preview is planetgreenavailable October 7th - October 24th, in HD on channels 625-639. "CBS College Sports Network" allows viewers to catch their favorite college sports teams in action. This network prides itself on being home to armed forces football including Navy, Army and Air Force. You'll be able to catch highly-viewed football games from top ranked schools in the midst of this exciting season. This channel is available for free in HD on 152, from October 2nd to November 7th. "DIY Network" provides viewers tips and information on how to tackle projects at home. The Vanilla Ice Project, you guessed it - starring Vanilla Ice airs on October 14th. This channel's free preview can be viewed on 111, starting today through October 26th. "Planet Green"is a two-year old network that gives viewers insight into how they can lead more sustainable lives and what they can do to make their lives and their homes more "green." Find "Planet Green" on channel 194 from now until October 26th. "The 3 From Epix" is a movie channel that airs classic and entertaining blockbusters from the 70's until the present day. You can look forward to the timeless film Rocky on Monday, October 11th. Watch movies from the past three decades on channel 292 from today until October 26th. "NBA League Pass" is your ticket to exclusive NBA match-ups. Viewers can watch their favorite teams and players in up to 40 different live games. This free preview is available from October 26th - November 2nd on HD channels 560-572. "NFL Network" is the ultimate football channel for fans who want to catch all of their teams' action on the sidelines. Catch exlusive NFL games on this network for free from October 28th-November 30th on channel 154. Become a Dish Network subscriber today by calling 866.989.3474 or visit Dish Systems online.