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Ohio State’s Tax Collection Department is told to shove it, for now.

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on November 9, 2007

Wasn’t it Jon Bon Jovi who sung “Shot down in a blaze of glory”? Is it possible that he was predicting the future for the Ohio State’s tax collection department? On November 7th a Franklin County judge ruled that the current Ohio State tax that mandates a 5% sales tax on satellite television is unconstitutional since it does not include local cable companies, making it hard for the satellite cable industry to be as competitive in the Ohio area. Satellite cable providers like DishNetwork have been dealing with unwarranted state taxes from Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee since 2000. With all of that being said, despite the bogus taxes DishNetwork still remains the leading cable provider in the satellite industry. Now that is resilience. For more information on Dish Network and your local programming please contact 1-866-989-3474 or visit