Overview: Dish Network Program Guide

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on July 25, 2007

Many of you have asked for us to write an article about the Program Guide on all Dish Network Satellite Receivers. The Program Guide is actually called the EPG or Electronic Program Guide. No matter what you want to call it, all DISH Network receivers have an EPG. The information below is a general overview of the Program Guides on Dish Network Receivers. Every Dish Network Satellite Receiver has its own unique features included in its program guide. This article will cover:
  • Dish Network Program Guide
  • Dish Network  Online TV Guide
  • Dish Network Channel Listing
  • Dish Network  Programming Guide
  • Dish Network Guide
What information is in the EPG?
  • Currently watched channel
  • The program coming up.
  • All other TV channels available from DISH Network.
  • The aspect ratio Letterbox (LBX), type of audio transmitted Dolby Digital (DD) and program duration.
  • Rating information for a particular show can be displayed.
  • A short summary of the program.
EPG Design
  • DISH Network's channel guide is designed as a program grid.
  • On the left of the grid are the channel numbers.
  • Across the top are times of day.
  • Inside of the grid are shows available for viewing.
  • On some receivers (DISH Home Interactive TV receivers, the DISHPlayer, the DISH 721) the current channel video is viewable.
  • Once in the Electronic Program Guide, press the Guide button on the remote again to change the Favorite Lists between All Chan, All Sub, All HD, or a personalized list.
EPG Channel Colors
  • Gray - a gray channel box means the account is authorized for the channel or package.
  • Yellow - a yellow channel box means the channel is a digital off-air channel.
  • Red - a red channel box means the account is not authorized for the channel or package.
  • Green - a green channel box means the channel or package is available for purchase through the Customer Support Application.
The Complete Guide
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