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Predicting the Future of Television from a Student’s Perspective

by Andrew

Posted on May 12, 2011

Where do you see TV technology going in the next ten years? DISH Systems Essay ScholarshipWhere do I see TV technology going in the next 10 years? Right now TV technology is so advanced and sophisticated in 10 years the TV of today will be unrecognizable. Was it just over 10 years ago that TVs were the size of a mini fridge, dimensions and all, now TVs have transformed slim built and giant or if wanted incredibly tiny. Already the transformation of new technology has begun. I forsee that in 10 years there won’t be a household that doesn’t have cable or a television. Cell phones will stream live television and stores will offer wireless cable just like they do now with WIFI. Why would they offer wireless cable? They will offer that because people will have portable televisions about the size of an iPad or perhaps the iPad will be the new TV of the day. Television will have thousands, if not millions of channels. There will be programs of everything imaginable. Who knows maybe the TV technology will be used for school hand in hand with the computer. There will be one brilliant teacher picked from the best of the best to teach thousands who are tuned into the channel. This will be a new, higher efficient way of schooling. And they can email the teacher and he can answer specific questions during the schooling time. This is one direction that TV technology can go in the next ten years. Right now the TV is compatible to all kinds of things like gaming systems including the Wii, Play Station and Xbox. The Wii and Xbox have the ability for you to be the controller. In ten years there will be a way for you to fully interact in your games or even game shows you can, through the use of your TV, hologram yourself into your TV. Obviously you won’t be literally in the TV but you will be able to see yourself on the TV like a reflection on a mirror and others who tune in will be able to see you too. This will be a great way to participate in the world and feel famous. Everyone who wants to will have their own television show all they have to do is broadcast themselves from their TV or their broadcasting device designed specifically for this. It will be like today’s web shows only all on cable. TV technology will combine with the Internet technology and neither will be separate. People will be able to connect with the Internet and watch TV all on the same device. There won’t be a distinction between the two because at the time people will be shocked to hear that the two were ever not a unit as one. The unity of TV and Internet will allow live streams from all over the world if anyone wanted to, they can sit at home in America and watch what’s going on in Hong Kong, subtitles and all. In ten years, the TV technology will also be a sort of alarm system. The government can look in through TVs to prevent or stop dangerous or illegal activity. The government won’t be the only ones to watch over things, we can too, we can be on the road and take out our portable TV to check on the house to visibly see that the place is safe. Parents can even require their kids carry around their TV and when the parents feel like it they can check on the kids to make sure they are OK or are behaving well. If people are out of prison and are on probation they can be required to have one for constant supervision and those who are out on bail. Technology will be so developed and unrecognizable in ten years. It will hardly be considered a TV anymore because of all the functions it will be able to do. Ten years ago someone, somewhere was imagining what TV would be like it is ten years from now. Had that person been me I would have never been able to tell you how advanced it has become. My theory might be far off but it could be pretty close to accurate the way technology is advancing. *This essay was written by Karlee K., a runner-up in the DISH Systems Scholarship Essay Contest. The opinions of the author do not reflect the opinions of DISH Systems, authorized retailer of DISH Network.