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Program your VCR from Anywhere with Dish Network

by Andrew

Posted on May 8, 2009

DISH Network Remote Access Service Gives Customers Power to Manage Their DVRs From Anywhere in the WorldDISH Network launched its DISH Remote Access service to customers across the country. Free to DISH Network customers with a broadband-connected ViP(R) Series DVR, DISH Remote Access gives customers total access to all the features of their DVR from any internet connected device, allowing them to manage their programming from anywhere in the world. DISH Remote Access includes a comprehensive search functionality, which looks for desired content throughout a nine-day programming guide. It uses keywords and filters set by the user, such as genre, channel, sports, content rating and language, and more. Upon finding the programming event they want to record, customers simply click the record button next to the event description, selecting to either - record the one event, all events or only new events. "DISH Remote Access provides the most robust online DVR interface available," said Ira Bahr, Chief Marketing Officer for DISH Network. "No other service compares to the level of DVR control that DISH Remote Access offers. Not only can customers remotely set recordings, but they can also see and manage their DVRs in real time, as if they were at home." In addition, DISH Network customers who lease or purchase the ViP(R) 922 HD DVR - available later this year - will have all the great benefits of the DISH Remote Access service plus the ability to view both their live and recorded DVR content via integrated Slingbox(TM) technology. The same integration is also available to customers who have a Slingbox connected to a DISH Network ViP(R) Series DVR. To find out more about DISH Network products and equipment visit Dish Systems Online or call 866.989.3474.