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Pssst…Houston Texas, Comcast is raising your rates in October

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on September 11, 2007

As sure as the leaves change in the fall, so do many cable companies rates. As leaves fall to the ground cable rates rise. Comcast said the cable rate bills are going up around 6.1%. The cable rate increase will be for all of the Houston subscribers. Reportedly, standard Comcast cable will now be $47.99 which is a $3 increase and Digital classic will be $60.99, a $5 increase. Comcast said that they are rasiing the rates to mirror rates in other markets through-out the US. But where will this money go? Comcast was reported saying the cable rate increase money will be for new HD channels and to upgrade their cable system, so we will be sure to keep tabs and see what happens. Even after they upgrade to the new HD channels they say are going to add, they still will have less than half the HD channels that Dish Network has. Once again, as Dish Network has a price guarantee until 2008 and the cable companies raise their rates. The Cable Bundles are becoming like Sub-Prime Mortgage Loans….to good to be true.