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Puck Yeah! Dish Network continues to carry the NHL

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on October 17, 2007

Good News for all you hockey fans, the NHL has announced that they have renewed their deal with Dish Network who will continue to provide viewers with superior high-quality hi-definition television.  In 2002 Dish Network began offering the NHL Center Ice package, a hockey fans wildest dream, and continues still today giving Dish Network subscribers the chance to view up to 1,000 intense live games, many of which are featured in High-Definition.  The NHL Center Ice Package on Dish Network allows the hockey enthusiast to watch up to 40 games a week, including select games from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Thank you Dish Network for not leaving us hangin’ and allowing us to follow our favorite teams through to the end, can you imagine the call center phones if loyal hockey fans were to watch a whole season and then not be able to view the Stanley Cup Playoffs?  For more information on the NHL Center Ice Package offered by Dish Network call 1-866-989-3474 or website their website at NHL© Center Ice©  Lets Dish Network customers experience this season with coverage of up to 40 games per week from around the League, including select games from the first two rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs and select games broadcast in HD. A Full Season Package of NHL© Center Ice©  on Dish Network is $169.00, or 3 payments of $56.34 and will air on channels 543-558