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Rates Are Subject To Change –The Catch Phrase For Cable Companies

by Andrew

Posted on September 21, 2009

Cable Prices Still On The Rise Despite The Bad Economy It’s not uncommon for a cable TV subscriber to see dramatic increases in pricing just over a couple years time. Some reported cases indicate increases over $50 a month. All over America we are seeing pricing drops for all sorts of goods and services. With layoffs and uncertainties of our economies future, more and more people are taking a conservative approach in their spending. It’s a wonder how cable companies can still have the audacity to raise rates knowing their customers are paying greater attention to spending habits and looking to make cut backs. Especially since the satellite TV companies are lowering their pricing and actually offer better programming packages than cable. Unfortunately not everyone has the option to switch over to one of the satellite companies when they are getting bullied around by their cable company.   Commitment Plans Are Good? Most of the time, people are hesitant to sign into a commitment plan when it comes to home services. But when you think about it, these commitments are actually your friends when it comes to TV services. Cable companies tend to not make you sign into a commitment because they couldn’t just jack up your rates at will anymore. You’ll find the satellite companies usually have a 1 or 2 year commitment. But that commitment means that you’re going to know what your bill says even before you open your mail. As long as you find a programming package in your price range, you’ll be in good shape with a term agreement plan. When paying month to month without a commitment plan you are subject to a rate change at anytime. Stop Getting Taken Advantage Of If you’re fed up with your cable bill being too high and getting nervous each time you open your mail, now’s a good time to shop around with the satellite companies battling each other to offer the best deals in TV programming available. If you have the option, then you owe it to yourself to stand up to cable companies while lowering your bills. Then maybe the cable companies will learn that people aren’t going to put up with random price increases anymore.